Sunday, February 19, 2012

The First Two Months...

These first two months have just flown by-  Our little Ethan Avery Huck is the joy of our lives, every day is a new adventure...He wants to tell you all about it!

I was only 6 days old on my first Christmas! I had so much fun, my Nana and Papa Kolesar came to visit and my Grandma and Papa Allen were there to share it with us. Even my big brothers Devin and Justin came over. We had loads of fun!

When I was little I loved sleeping in my lounge my legs hang over the edge
Here are a few photos from our newborn photo shoot:

I didn't like being naked and getting my picture taken unless my mommy was close by

I really wish they'd put more than a hat on me !

I was happy when Daddy held me.

I know I looked cute though, so I cooperated for a little while

Mommy's friend Michelle bought me this dapper tuxedo to celebrate the New Year in, I look awesome!

I loved taking my photo with my lion friend.
Mommy and Daddy say I'm starting to look like a big boy!

I love napping with Daddy

Mommy thought it was funny to give me a mohawk, I didn't think it was that funny

I was born with a mullet, mommy and daddy said that meant I was all business in the front and party in the back. They finally cut it off after taking lots of pictures. It kept my neck warm!


  1. Love the videos of our cute little E! Such a Big Boy!!!

  2. He is just precious! And it is obvious the two of you are amazing parents! I love the blog! :)