Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Bump - 7 Months

Welcome 3rd Trimester:
At 7 1/2 months (30 weeks) Baby Huck is growing quickly!
Here is the latest Baby Bump:

All and all we are feeling great other than the little nuances that come with the added weight of carrying a baby in your belly! Ed joked that it looks like 7 month mamma ate the 2 month mamma!

Baby Girl is still moving around like crazy- mostly in the evening when we sit down to relax. 
Her daddy loves to feel her move and kick;  it still seems surreal that in about two months we'll be holding our baby girl in our arms.

The nursery is almost done...and we are thrilled with it!  We just have an empty space on the wall above the crib where her name will go- we just have to decide what it will be. 
Here are some 'sneak peek' photos: 

Every Thursday we attend our Birth Classes and practice breathing just like you see on TV, then Ed takes me to get ice cream!  The more we learn the more we realize what a miracle delivering a child is.  We just thank God every day for this experience and the many more amazing experiences we have yet to come!