Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Bump- 8 1/2 Months

 4 + or - Weeks To Go!!! 

At 36 weeks- with just 4 weeks left- the baby bump is HUGE and still growing! 

This past month has been full of preparation. We've finished our birthing classes and have spent lots of time learning about giving birth! We are ready as we'll ever be... We have also been working hard on finishing projects around the house and making room for you! 

The highlight of the month was our most amazing baby shower... 

Grandma Allen, Aunt Amy, Aunt Dee and Aunt Louise threw us the best baby shower ever! 
Every detail was perfect... 
 Aunt Dee made these centerpieces by hand with diapers, socks and towels! 
She is so creative, you'll see!

 Aunt Louise made all of the favors - homemade chocolates and cookies! Yum!
She must love you! 

Everyone brought you presents, so many presents! 


Grandma was so happy to throw you a party! Doesn't she look pretty?

Grandma, Aunt Amy, Me (Mommy), Aunt Louise and Aunt Dee all together!

Our friend Michelle came, she is having a baby boy in February who she says will 
someday be your boyfriend! I'm sure he'll be cute, don't worry!

Your cousin Bella was a huge help and took her job handing me the presents
very seriously... she kept me moving along quickly!

Soon I had lots of helpers- Aunt Amy took great notes so that I could make sure 
we thanked all of our wonderful friends for their generous gifts! 

Daddy came at the end and we asked him to help! We were getting very 
tired opening so many presents.

Nana Kolesar sent us some super cute outfits and a very special book from 
Nevada. She was sad she couldn't be at the shower, but she is very excited that
she is going to meet you at Christmas time!

Daddy and I were so thankful for our family and friends, we just can't believe how many 
people already love you! We know we sure do! 

The countdown begins... we can't wait to meet you, we even decided on what we will name you- but that will be a surprise!