Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Birth of our Baby BOY: December 19, 2012

We are a bit late with these updates, but it's better late than never right?

On Dec 18th at 5am my water broke- it was time to have our baby! I was so relieved being a few days past my due date, I was more than ready. Over 30 hours later, after a long and challenging (natural) labor, our baby was born at 12:55pm ... The doctor announced "It's a boy" we were all so exhausted, that no one really realized what he had said. Then the nurse said- "What, a boy?!" She had heard us for hours talking to "Baby Avery" and yelling for "Baby Girl" to come out... Ed was the first to get it, then my mom said, "How does a girl pee up in the air like that?" Ed finally said, "Julie, look, we had a boy." I was like, "Oh okay," then I continued to bask in the joy of  my new baby and how perfectly healthy he was. Then- about 15 minutes later, it hit me! I believe I said something like, "Holy *%$* we had a Boy??!!!"

It's a fun story to tell, and it's fun to remember what a surprise our little guy was. When we look back, it's hard to believe that we were ever going to have a girl. Our little Ethan Avery Huck is the joy of our lives.

The first time I looked into my baby's eyes- It was all worth it!

Mommy and baby Ethan (well at that time he was "Baby Boy")

A proud and tired Daddy!

Grandma Allen watched the whole labor and delivery- she said it was hard to watch but was so happy she did!

Our first moments together as a family!

He looks surprised too!

From day one, our little guy was very alert with his big blue eyes!

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